Due Diligence


Any business venture; an acquisition, a merger, a joint venture, or any other collaboration has a considerable need for the accurate and comprehensive analysis of all relevant information. We know the right questions to ask to deliver the right answers to our clients.

At EFS Group we identify any hidden liabilities, confirm assets, customers, employee agreements and benefits plans, environmental issues, security, confidentiality, tax, ownership, and compliance, including regulatory, legal, corporate. Our due diligence investigations also consider the targets’ internal policies and processes, including issues relating to corporate governance. Our partners advise on the most tax efficient process through which to structure any deal, and develop tax optimization strategies for the post deal environment

We are experienced at comparing and referencing all interrelated data, generating an accurate and relevant assessment of the project strengths and weaknesses. We work to structure the information we obtain a transparent and intelligent report that our client can use as sufficient information on the viability of the anticipated business venture.