Family Owned Companies


At EFS Group we understand the unique challenges faced by family owned companies. We have developed a range of specific services to meet the needs of not only the business but also those of the family members. Our experience in legal and tax consulting enables us to provide the best possible solutions while balancing the requirements of both dimensions.

Our clients benefit significantly from a restructuring of their tax and legal structures to reflect the changing environment resulting from the development of their business over many years. This up-dating or modernization of their tax affairs will involve, amongst other improvements, the optimization of personal and corporate tax liabilities. In addition, we will also ensure that there is an appropriate degree of separation between personal and business assets and thus reduce the personal liability of family members.

An essential element of our work with family owned companies is that of future planning. This includes preparing the business and the family for events and challenges such as succession, inheritance, wills, and trusts. When appropriate we can advise families on issues relating to tax residency and through other Geneva Group International member firms we can implement any changes necessary.