Commercial contracts are supposed to provide security of revenue and liability between the parties subject to the agreement. Because the business environment is always changing, it is important that contract language expresses clearly the parties intentions. Also, in an event of a dispute, the contract should withstand the ultimate kind of a test: a court battle. We understand that at the base of any commercial dispute is the quality of the contract which describes in detail the nature of the business relationship. Since we are sensitive to just how important this is to conducting commerce, we consider contract law to be a pivotal part of our practice.

At EFS Group, our partners have an excellent understanding of the Polish law, the training and the experience from a broad spectrum of commercial areas to handle even the most sophisticated and complex contracts written in business today. We have been helping clients propose, negotiate and sign contracts that organise the way they transact business in Poland and elsewhere for many years.

Our clients are active in a number of sectors including distribution, supply, agency, purchase and sale agreements. Like in other areas of expertise , here, too we draw on the experience of our colleagues in other specialties to make sure we prepare better contractual solutions for our clients.