Founding Partners


After many years with some of the world’s leading consultancy firms, the founders of EFS Group decided in 2005 that the time was right to create a multi-disciplined advisory practice and provide an international perspective on Poland.

Artur Plutowski

Artur holds a Masters of Law from the University of Warsaw. His professional experience encompasses both tax and legal roles and includes: 3 years at Ernest & Young – international tax, 3 years at KPMG – CIT & VAT, and 5 years at TGC Corporate Lawyers in a multi-disciplined role. This diversified professional background provided Artur with a broad and well-rounded perspective, balancing an intimate knowledge of Polish systems with international best practice. As a student Artur played basketball with Polonia Warszawa. Today he enjoys skiing, volleyball and playing bridge. Artur is fluent in English.

Tomasz Staruch

Master of Arts from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Banking & Finance Faculty. Currently a PhD candidate in Management and Finance. Tomasz is a experienced investment adviser and an office holder within the Lodz Regional Chamber of Tax Advisers. He has vast experience gained in senior roles within Roedl & Partner and the Polish Ministry of Finance. In his spare time Tomasz enjoys playing volleyball and gardening. He is fluent in German and proficient in English.