Due Diligence


At EFS Group, our business consultants provide due diligence services to help prospective buyers and sellers validate the key assertions on which any proposed acquisition is to be based.

When we work for the purchaser, we aim to enhance their knowledge of the target business, to identify critical risk and success factors in order to increase the likelihood of a successful deal. This includes an in-depth analysis of historic performance, cash flows, assets and liabilities, cash flow dynamics, working capital requirements and an analysis of the business’ tax position.

For the seller, we provide due diligence to address the concerns and issues that may be relevant to even the most demanding purchasers. For clients looking to sell only a part of their business, we provide a tailored solution to assist in successfully completing the divestment. We work alongside company management and their lead advisers throughout the process, ensuring that all the issues are understood and the correct steps are taken.

In both cases, we deliver high quality, comprehensive due diligence reports that focus on real life issues, including our opinion on the key risks and financial prospects of the transaction.